Tuesday, September 15, 2009


“When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know And are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly”

Patrick Overton

SO I might look at Hillary Clinton or Lady Gaga or Oprah and think WOW those are some powerful women. Women who can make a difference. Sometimes its so easy to forget my own power and the power in the women around me.
The power we as women of faith hold moves mountains everyday including mountains of laundry. But seriously when we are with the Lord He is with us and he provides for us He can help us run up hills, He opens up the roads for us, all of the money in the world is His and he can make it come from anywhere when we need it.
A few weeks ago we fasted and prayed for a new car. We prayed in faith and gave the worry and stress of it all to Heavenly Father and just had faith that it would work out. My friend Liz was here and she actually said the prayer. It felt good and I knew we would be taken care of. Well that Thursday before Liz left for Hawaii we were blessed with a new (to us) car. I wont boar with all the details but me and Jake were just over whelmed with gratitude. We were humbled and our faith grew miles that day!
It just fills me with hope and Power to know without a doubt that the Lord is watching over us. Now this Power is sooo not my own power but the power of God. Seriously I hope we can all embrace the joy and the power the Lord gives us when we are filled with faith:D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma:D

My Grandma Sally turned 75 this year!!! Happy 75th Grandma!! I am so proud and excited to be your granddaughter! I remember the summer trips, the summer sausage sandwiches. I remember the clean house and the yummy friend chicken and mashed potatoes OH and the rolles:D Im still enjoying my relish and want some more jam:D I remember learning how to sew with your left over patches. You cheered me on at my soccer games and let me have a taste of the cookie dough:D You taught me by example how to be a powerful woman. How to embrace my roll as a wife and mother. You just did it and because of you Im learning how to too:D I love you Grandma and I cant wait to come visit you again:D and Grandpa too:D hehe:D but thats another story:D

Nat is Magic:D

It is so rare that people come into your life and make magic happen. I have one or two friends that are like magic for me. They make me believe I can do what ever it is that is in my heart to do. They make me better, they make me stronger, they bring me closer to my Savior and they make me feel magical:D Im not saying these people are perfect they are just people who make it easier to let my light shine:D
Natalie Norton is one magical person I know:D You can seriously move mountains when its the right thing to do. You work so hard to be kind to your children and to teach them about the savior. I just really admire your passion for life. You have an amazing ability to SHINE:D and when you shine you make it so much easier for me to shine too:D Thankyou for lighting my candle:D
There are other magical people in my life Life Omi and Liz and the people right around me in my ward here in Utah:D

study questions for me to get more magical:D
Do I let my light shine?
Do I focus on the important things in life?(Family, fun, Savior, LOVE!!)
Do I make it easier for people to shine?
What kind of friend(wife, mother) am I?

My Charity Notes

This is my own personal blog that im writing in an Unapologetic manner about my faith and experiences in life that have brought me joy sorrow and Love.