Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Goals for the rest of this month:D

1. Go to the temple tomorrow
2. Clean my home
a. Have my children help me singing songs while we work:D
b. If possible get birds and small rodents to help too:D
c. keep up with the work(less facebook games)especially when im feeling better:D
3. Clean up my diet.
a. Eat more vegies
a. go buy vegies
b. Prepare vegies (cute them/cook them)...
b. Eat less sugar
a. Avoid obvious things like candy
b. eat square meals so my sugar levels are more even
c. drink more water
4. Read a 4hr work week.

My Charity Notes

This is my own personal blog that im writing in an Unapologetic manner about my faith and experiences in life that have brought me joy sorrow and Love.