Saturday, December 13, 2008


K Im gunna try that again as soon as I figure out what happened. sorry!!

Coolest Weekend EVER!

Hi Blog:D its been forever!! well I have sooooo much to blog about but I wanted to write one down for sure so I wont forget how I felt.

So Nov.21..the release of Twilight!! LOVED IT! waited forever checked my TMs everyday and the lex too:D and read up on the actors and all that fun jazz and I got to go to the midnight viewing with Heather!! Thanks Heather!! THEEEN I got to go again with Kandi and Heather and Chelsea to the TMs event at the district and Oh my that was sooo much fun. Kinda emberassing at one point when I thought Camile had won a real live Volvo and it turned out to be a little toy car..HAHAHAHAHAH that is something I will remember forever. I was sooo freaking excited for her!! oh my gosh!! Anyways so Ran to the railing to yell down stairs that she had won...went back to her and found out it was just a toy..then went back to the railling and yelled just a toy car...hahah anyways its a fun memory for us all to laugh about:D soooo I LOVED the movie and loved being with my cool gal pals even better.

Saturday night I got to go to the coldplay concert. me and Jake cought the tracks down there and had so much fun flirting and playing on the train..haha then the show was AMAZING!!! Ive never imagined a show could be sooo cool!! WOW the lights the energy and fun that was all over the place that night! Oh what a high!! LOVED IT! thanks to Heather and Casey for hooking it up for Jake and me!! IT was seriously the coolest show ever. better even than Jack. though its like comparing apples and oranges:D kinda

Sunday comes around and I get to teach my five year olds:D Me and Chelsea share a class. So fun. Anyways for like a minuet durring the class I had their attention! That is amazing for all eyes to be on me and I knew the spirit was here and that they could feel it and I could feel it and we all grew in that one minuet. Its so rare that that happens I just am amazed by it. When little people learn with me. That my friends was the best minuet of my weekend. We were talking about the Savior and the Resurection and I was bearing testimony of it. And I knew it and I just felt the spirit sooooo strong. There is no movie or concert in the world that will leave you feeling more alive or more amazed than the feeling of knowing that the Savior is real ant that He Lives for me and for you! amazing!!

My Charity Notes

This is my own personal blog that im writing in an Unapologetic manner about my faith and experiences in life that have brought me joy sorrow and Love.