Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keep the Sabbath Day Holly a college experience:D

I just feel like remembering today. I remember this one time I was a senior or Junior in College and I had this big final that was all about this book Aging with Grace. Oh man I tried so hard to get that book read and reread and the time came we finally got the questions we needed to answer a week before they were due. Man Something came up EVERYDAY that week. Baby Jake was sick and needed me at night, Daddy Jake was doing something else. We had ward Temple night, then Farm day for the ward and I decided to go ahead and do these things. Felt good about it. Anyways soooo finally I had the whole day with nothing to do and guess what day it was?? ..haha SUNDAY:D that is right. Would Mandy do her homework on the Sabbath? No way:D I wouldn't do it. The final which half my grade depended on was not even hardly started and it was due at 8am!!! how wild is that! Now I didn't just idle away the week I really tried to find time but it just wasn't there and I followed the spirit. Obviously the spirit wanted me to fail this semester right:D anyways so I kept the Sabbath day holy and got up early early 4am Monday morning to work on the paper. I hashed it out and turned it in and waited to hear my grade. I knew I had help. I got inspiration for the answers and felt good about it. Anyways so I GOT 100!!! 100 freaking percent on the hardest exam of the year!! I got the highest grade in the class!!
The moral of the story?? If you want to succeed in life listen to the spirit and serve when it doesn't make sense and Keep the Sabbath day holy:D Heavenly Father is eager to show us how AMAZING he is:D I will never doubt keeping that day sacred again. I know Ill be blessed if I ever keep it holy again:D hahaha. lol oh boy I have so much to learn.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good morning Love

Love This!! make sure and visit the video on Youtube and subscribe and rate for Jake:D love you guys!! Jake is amazing!! and he wrote this song for us!!! AMAZING!! its the coolest feeling in the world when your husband makes you feel AMAZING!!:Dthankyou baby:D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celebrating ME!! (womanhood) Weeeeehaw!!

This is a peice done by Jakes Mom. She is an artist too! I love her paintings and this really makes me feel peaceful and feminine.
SO I was watching Oprah today:D HAHA I wonder how many blogs or conversations open with that everyday. Anyways Oprah has been totally inspirational this week! Suzie Orman on tomorrow! cant wait. anyways sooo There was one mother in particular talking today about how she had lost herself and Oprah was all like Hey being a mother staying home to raise your kids is Gods Greatest Work!!! I was so touched because you know Oprah's respect for mothers was so profound at that moment it made me realize how freaking COOOOL I am:D I mean seriously we are sooooo hard on ourselves and get lost in the day to day things and forget to blog and we feel so bad about ourselves so often and im not even pretending like im alone anymore cauze I know there are so many girls out there who feel the same as me! Yaeee for the internet bringing us all together to lift eachother up. Digressing I say on a good day I am half nice to myself and half not so nice. have you noticed how you work so hard on Christmas dinner or whatever dinner and everything is perfect but that one thing...(didnt Elder Uchtdorf talk about that at the Relief Society meeting?) anyways but maybe there isnt enough salt on the mashed potatoes and we feel the need to point it out? we do that to ourselves all day. Oh my bathrooom is clean whole house was clean at one point today but now has passed back to the realm of mishEVIL!!haha or man I worked so hard today and got so much done but it doesnt really look like it. Anyways I feel like I'm over emphasizing the naughty and underemphasizing the goodness all the time. its like Im not quite good enough for me or something. I mean Jake is so easy to please, the kids love eachother. We are all healthy and happy. I need to knock it off and be nice to myself! I mean I would never say some of the things I say to me to anyone else. I mean seriously Mandy get a grip! Oprah thinks yer awesomeness!!! Elder Uchtdorf thinks yer should really pat yourself on the back and say five nice things about yourself:D so whoever is reading this I'm tagging you!!

Tag yer it:D say five nice things about yourself Ill start:D this is my campaign to get my friends to feel great about being a women no matter what stage we are in today!! Let your light shine!! No hiding:D We all need to see eachothers lights so we can shine even brighter together!! ready set ...GO!

1. I think Im hilarious!
2. I am getting better at being a mommy everyday. (cleaning cooking sewing giving the look:D kissing booboos)
3. I try to have a clean house. It might get messy but its clean...
4. Im getting better at taking time out for me. For example: Last night Jake got home I fed my family and then was on the verge of melting down and said hey I think I need some time and let Jake handle the noise as I plugged in my earplugs and took a bath:D Yaeee for me for taking a minuet when I needed one!! (you know whats funny Im trying so hard not to feel guilty as I write this ridiculous! Jake loves chilling with the kids so its not like im torching him for an hour while I take a much needed Ill smell better when he kisses me next right:D)
5. I laughed with my kids today!

cheers to our awesomeness as mothers wives sisters grandmothers friends and cool chicks
ps if you do take time to do this please leave a comment!!!

My Charity Notes

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