Wednesday, May 27, 2009

creative writing

Im a spirit Daughter of the most creative being in the universe. I am still just so inspired by this!! I have been trying to be creative by writing. I have decided to write my dreams down and I got one that I really kinda like even thought it was a night mare really. anyways Ive been adding things to it here and there but I dont know. This is the first part I like it:D it really was a night mare and i woke up when the light got me but it is really kinda dark:)

I had made it! I was finally free! I had evaded and maneuvered my whole life
and now I was walking up the grassy hill into the woods where I would be
safe. Safe from the bites. Safe from the stength and speed and wall
crawling people who lived in that building! I Escaped by the hair of my head
but no. it was all a lie. they let me go. I knew it was a lie because
there he stood blocking my way. The strongest and most evil of them all.
he was beautiful. He was death himself but oh he pleased the eye. His skin
breathed luxery, his face shone with the moonlight and his chin was covered
with a dark stubble. He was the picture of the perfrect man. His clothes were
tailored to fit his hard body. He reaked of money with his black cape
blowing in the wind along with his shoulder length locks of midnight.
His eyes were black and they were never ending pits of dispair, the
only thing that gave way to his sinister truth. He knew how to lure a woman
or a man from their safe harbor with his lies and deceit. I thought I had
finished. I thought I had survived but this moment after everything I
lived through I I would die. We did not speak but we both knew
this was the end. it was over. I would never see my family again. The sun
would never rise for me and warm my cool skin with its long yellow licks of
light. I would be lost soon forever in the pits of his demonic stare. I
would become one of them. Never to surface never to enjoy the wind in my
hair or the colors of spring. I would become a walking nitemare and there
was nothing I could do. Nothing but whisper one last prayer for help. One
last plea to my maker. In that moment as he reached out to touch my
face to take my soul and my body, my soul fell to her knees and wispered
to her maker one silent many emotions wraped up on one
tiny word and suddenly there was a light! i saw it I felt it and I was
gone! i was the light. I was safe. if I looked over my sholder his face
would be there again but no I wouldnt look I would not give my light. I
didnt know who or how or where I was but the darkness could not touch me.
Please. One word and I was safe on the wings of an angel. We were the light
together and there were others who were the light. He explained that I had
passed my trial. I would not give in even in the deepest dipair when
nothing was there but hell. I understood now.

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Tori said...

Wow. You should write a book. That was awesome.

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