Monday, June 29, 2015

Well Its been a while. What an adventure this life takes us on. Its SO HOT!! and so Im not running much lately but I am doing Piyo and Insanity and Jake tries his best to train me in the wt lifting life hahaha. Those Wts got nothin on me...haha. ANyways Ive given my kids the asignement to write in their jounal everyday this summer and so I thought I better get to it as well:D SO here goes. I didnt write my goals for the new year and since its Half way through the year its as good a time as any:D
1. Get to the temple once a month. I cant believe how lucky I am to have the temple so close...why do I only go once in a blue moon? Well because I put entertainment and fun higher on my priority list. SMH!! so that is changing and JBoy has his recommend now and I want to take him and his cousins once a month too for baptisms. I'm excited to be writing this down and committing to it:D 2.I also commited to reading the Book of Mormon in one month. I finished it in three:D haha:D Hooray:D I am commiting again to read it two more times before the year ends. Its amazing how I would read something and then see it the next day happening in the world and Id know how to apply it to my life. 3. Food STORAGE!!! Can I just put a couple of things in every time i go to the store...its really not that complicated. Or I could sign up for thrive... I love that stuff!! I did go last year to the cannery and canned some oats... that was amazing!! I am excited to make an inventory and fill in those gaps. Who wants Oatmeal till Jesus comes? Ill trade you some marshmallows!!! I think I should store smores stuff. 4. I am being healthy this year...mostly. In all fairness this year knocked the wind out of me... just like two years ago when I gained all of my wt back and I was in a hole of dispair haha and my mom made me go to the dr and we found out I have ADD!!! thats why Im so FUN!! haha anyways so I take my pill sometimes now and its great but this year was almost harder than that year and guess what! I am down ten lbs... and sometimes 15... I am slowly gaining momentum to a healthier looking me haha. I am really proud of myself for keeping it together and relying on the tools Heavenly Father helped me get and I didnt spiral!! HOORAY anyways so my goal I guess is to be active and to eat healthy which so far so good mostly.. Ill commit because Jake had me commit last night to working out 7 times a week:D that should help:D I think I can I actually Know I can and I will love it once I get moving Im unstoppable!! haha Here are some before pics I did a while ago. Ive already made some progress Ill post them someday:D This is something that Ill be working on till Im 105 so Im excited to love me at every stage:D
5. Love me. Love me. Love me. I think of my dream when I was a dolphin. I flew through the water of that river of goodness that lead to the fountain of righteousness you know like Lehi said to his sons be the river and be the something else... My brain made me a beautiful dream from that river and My dolphin self flew and swam and jumped and twisted and felt the freash cool water rush over my skin and fill me with JOY!! then I got really worried about my family and turned around to see them standing on the shore...but I realized that no they werent on that shore they were part of me and if I swam to the beautiful ocean of goodness that they would come with me automatically. So I am working on being an example of what I hope my children will be. Does that make sense? I want them to live Happy lives so I am living a happy life. I want them to work hard so I am working hard I want them to love themselves and have big happy self esteems so I am loving myself and showing what self esteem looks like. I want them to soar so I am soaring... haha:D So Love me Love me Love me so My children love themselves so my husband loves himself so we have lots of love to share. We cant love our neighbors without loving ourselves right :D Anyways so this is another rotating goal that I will be working on till im 105:D Hooray:D Well thats enough for today:D I love you Mandy:D Good job writing in your blog haha. See you tomorrow:D

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